All Swiss is a code of conduct
introduced by Lonville

‘All Swiss’ – a code of conduct introduced by Lonville

All Swiss goes far beyond the requirements of ‘Swiss Made’ which allows many non-Swiss parts and components to be used. We are proud of the Swiss watch making heritage and respect century old traditions as well as the latest unrivaled Swiss precision machinery and highly skilled workforce.

Throughout the design and creation of our watches we have gone to great efforts to ensure that each screw, each axis, each movement component but also the case and all other parts are are made by Swiss specialist watch companies using Swiss sourced materials.

This code of conduct allows us to work very close with some of the best local people as well as unique characters in the watch industry.

So for us it was simple: Why make a dream come true that does not follow your heart and your values? This is how Swiss watch making should be.

The map below gives an impression of the Swiss locations where the design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly of Lonville watches take place.

COSC – Contrôle Officiel Suisse de Chronomètres

Each single Lonville movement is offered to the independent COSC Institute to ensure that it meets seven strict accuracy and reliability criteria. COSC tests each movement for a period of fifteen days in five different positions at three different temperatures. Yes, that is very strict.

Only when a movement passes all tests can it carry the coveted engraving ‘Chronomètre’. Of course we supply the individual COSC certificate together with your very own Lonville.

COSC certification is not a given, not all movements will pass these very strict test. As a Lonville owner you will have the comfort of knowing that the movement of your own watch has been examined, testes and approved by independent Swiss watch specialists.

Now take a look at the 6 o’clock position on the dial of your Lonville. Two very simple but proudly printed words are representing our code of conduct: ‘All Swiss’.


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